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Online Sewing Classes with Kathleen Cheetham


This class is aimed at solving the special fit challenges of plus-sized women. Follow through in order of the lessons given for a complete tutorial on custom fitting a pant pattern to your unique figure.

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sewing class: pattern grading CREATE ANY SIZE: PATTERN GRADING FOR SEWERS

The topic of grading patterns for size is huge with many differing and advanced methods. Kathleen is known for taking a complicated subject and making it easy for beginners to understand.

In this class, Kathleen demonstrates a way for beginners to get started in grading using both multi-sized patterns and the basic method of Cut & Spread.

We start with the easiest way to grade - using the growth lines from multi-sized patterns.
Then, we move on to single sized patterns using the method of grading that is the basis for all others- Cut & Spread.
Learning Cut & Spread will give you an understanding of the steps in grading a pattern and get you started on your own.
This class is good for those sewers who want to resize multi-size or single size patterns. If you find yourself outside the range of multi-sized patterns, or you want to resize a vintage, single sized pattern, this class is for you.

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sewing class: custom fitting CUSTOM FITTING: WAIST AND HIPS

A good fit below the waist is the calling card of a capable sewer. Join Kathleen to learn the flat pattern adjustments needed for a great fit in all the pants, skirts and dresses you sew.

We'll cover how to:

- Measure and choose your best pattern size
- Determine crotch depth correctly
- Fit hips that are low, high, narrow, wide and asymmetrical
- Slash & pivot for a smooth tummy
- Fit full & flat seats flawlessly
- Adjust for swayback posture
- Draft a waist yoke

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sewing class: custom-fitting-waist-and-hips ADJUST THE BUST

In ADJUST THE BUST, you can watch Kathleen as she makes each adjustment and explains every step.

You will learn to:

- Measure and choose the right pattern size for you and those you sew for.
- Custom fit any size bust, from A to Z cup.
- Work with tops that include no darts, side darts, and princess seams.

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Meet Kathleen Cheetham

sewing class: custom fitting Custom Fitting: Back, Neck, and Shoulders

In this class, we'll take the mystery out of fitting your back, neck and shoulders.

Did you know you might be wearing a size that's too large in all the wrong places? I'll show you how to wear a smaller size and insert extra room just where you need it. Your tops will fit and you'll be more comfortable.

You'll learn the correct way to fit sloping, square, broad and narrow shoulders. We'll fit dowager humps, sway backs, wide and narrow backs, "wings", tight and gaping necklines. Once you've mastered these techniques you'll love how your garments look and feel!

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Meet Kathleen Cheetham
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